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Aiden's hand shot forward, stopping only inches away from Bradley's throat. He was practically on top of the table now, first time in a long while he fucking cursed himself being a goddamn dwarf, but he was still going to go fucking Tyrion on that bitch, fuck!

Hand clawin' at the air, ready to fucking rip that fucker's fucking vocal cords out his fucking neck! Wanted to hurt, hurt him so bad, make him fucking suffer, fucking punch his face and teeth in, put him in the fucking ground, make him fucking choke on the devil's cock!

"You motherfucker!"

No more words left in his brain. Just one fucking wish, one goddamn psycho ass urge and fuck if he cared about the fucking consequences, that pisser was dead, so he fucking was!

"You fucking take that back, you fuckin' apologize right now, you fuckin' tosser, shit munchin' fuck! Say you're sorry, or I'll fuckin' make you be sorry, you fucking wanker!"
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