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When Dariush returned, new arrivals came into his sight. And he could see that they falsely assumed that Junko was the host.

"Welcome to my party, madame!", he told Maria. Maria was a new arrival as well as...whats-his-face. What-a-face. That face. Darius looked good, way better than Jay-something, but he bet Raina would still flirt with him. Jay-something. Johnny? Yeah, Johnny, Jonny, or Jony. Whatever, J.

"I welcome you as well, boy! Feel free to take the alco! All that booze sponsored by the Van Dyke company. It's free for you, but don't steal anything, Johnny, haha."

Johnny was a criminal and therefore that fucker can't be trusted, especially at parties. Like, if Fiyori had not stolen his DS, Johnny would have.

"Can I also have one, please?"

Darius pointed at the cigarette. He had not bought any for this party. Hopefully Johnny will give him one. Maybe he's not a bad dude. After all, Darius' free booze against one cigarette? Fair deal!
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