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Caleb walked outside and resumed leaning on the wall of the pizza shop like he had been before. Some people looked like they might leave soon and he might be able to grab half finished slices of pizza, as he did sometimes. Food was food and though he had the money to buy a slice, he didn't see the need to when free food was right there.

Caleb pulled a cigarette out of the pack with his teeth. He put the pack back and sparked up the lighter, shielding the cigarette and small flame from the wind with a cupped hand. It caught and he inhaled. He turned to look at Johnny who had come out after him.

"It always smells like grease and rubber meat in there," he said.

He still had one headphone in. He held his hand out towards the cup while feeling for his phone in his pocket to change the song.

[Missed Call: Mom]
[Text: Kimiko....]

He looked at the screen for a second or two and put it back in his pocket. He always kept his phone on silent which usually meant ignored calls from home. He wanted to text Kimiko back, but he didn't respond to texts quickly. He never was sure of what to type back.
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