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((Lili Williams, Pregame Start))

The sun in the sky hung taught on an invisible wire, dangling straight above with the intensity of noon. Its heat beat down on the grass and dirt intensely with laser focus, between the few clouds drifting in the pale blue sky. Heat shimmered in the distance, just above the park grounds, hanging low in the air. Bugs chirped loudly, and dragonflies hovered from bush to bush in search of safety from the eternal Arizonian summer. On a day like this, it would be best to dress in lightly fitting clothing, possibly wear a sun hat, and stay in the shade.

Lili, however, had a kite to fly. Sitting in the grass just outside of the shade of a great willow tree, Lili stared up at her kite drifting high up above, caught in the slight breeze. Faintly sweating underneath her open hooded sweatshirt, underneath which she wore a plain blue t-shirt, and blue jeans, Lili paid little mind to the weather around her. On days like these, she paid little mind to anything at all besides her kite and the music streaming out from her stereo, hidden inside her backpack. Today she was listening to a piece titled "In C", composed by Terry Riley. She was fond of gentle melodies and sweeter musings from time to time, especially when she was flying kites. It carried with it the benefit of being easier to explain to anyone who would happen to bother her, much easier than her other favorites. She had the music set on a low volume, almost inaudible except for those directly in front of it, a position that Lili had placed herself in.

Her kite, hanging in the sky like a polygonal bird, was also of dear importance to her. A recent purchase, this particular kite flew the bright colors of red, blue, green and purple, framed by a deep, dark black. The kite was cut into the shape of a bird's outline, and as such it sliced through the air with particular grace and flow. Lili's carefully trained hands lent to the kites natural movement, but the aerodynamic shape made it easier for her to control. Streaming tails hung off of the edges of each wing of the kite, flapping in the wind. Days like these put Lili at ease, one of the few times she was at peace with herself and the environment around her. It almost did more for her than yoga.


Lili sighed and pulled a bottle of water out of her backpack. Unscrewing the cap, she held it to her mouth and drank. The water hitting her lips was warmed by the sun, brought to an almost sour temperature. Lili grimaced, and spit out the water onto the ground to her side, entirely disgusted by her drink. Disappointed, she stuck her tongue out, gazing into the wet ground below. Having set down her kite's control bar, she wiped the corner of her mouth with her sleeve, re-screwed the cap, and placed it back in her bag.

By the time she looked up at her kite, it was too late to prevent it from crashing into her. Only a few meters above her now, all Lili could do was flinch, yelp, grab her bag, and hold it in front of her face.
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