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Ben's expression didn't soften much, if any, he maintained the countenance of a Rushmore head. 'Not as fast', huh? Understatement of the twenty-first century. The limbless moved faster than this guy. Ben wasn't surprised that Beaks' self-diagnosis was attention-span issues. Sorta cop-out bull he'd come to expect, and take into account with people of this sort.

Anyways, it sounded stupid and it was as far as he was concerned. But effort not invested into cracking the Navajo of iambic pentameter- right term?- was wasted at this crucial juncture. Beaks was cool. Uncool as he was. And besides, Scarlett was vouching for him, with a smile no less. Ben wasn't letting that peace offering go unrewarded, what kind of guy would he have been otherwise? Ben raised a hand, swept it at Aiden dismissively:

"It's like you said: 'No problemo here, all cool'." A quote now to be formally attributed in all history texts to Benjamin Fields. Secondary source, at any rate.

They left, Ben could now go back to-

Wait, no. He needed to raise his eyebrows at one last thing. Physically this time, the old face caterpillars scurried up into his messy bangs. Aiden had proudly, loudly owned the room on his way out. Observing judges were preparing the 0/10 cards even before the uninspiring conclusion of the spastic 'toddler w/ sippy cup' routine. Capstone was the part where Beaks felt the need to try and excuse the inexcusable. Ben just shrugged sans commitment or care:

"No need to apologize, dude." Anyways.

They left. Ben could now go back to work.

((Ben Fields continued in Be Still))

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