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"Kitchen it is then, Georgia...Lee." Yeah, prolly for the best if he dodged that bullet. Did graze him though, so it did. So much for trying to have a little fun. Girl was not the fun-loving type, apparently. Cryin' shame, yup.

He shrugged, then turned himself around to lead the way. Yeah, had it been anyone else than his frickin' tutor, he'd have continued to tease her some, sure as shit. Like, he would have to active tryhard mode soon enough, focus and shit, he knew that. Good thing he had taken his meds earlier, woulda been a real shit show otherwise, one equation and he'd have sunk like the Titanic.

Really hoped she was a patient one, though. Would have been kinda whack if she wasn't, being a tutor and all. Worst case scenario and she'd be wipin' the floor with his ass. Though he was like, ninety nine percent sure it wasn't gonna go down like that. One percent left though, little bastard could still fuck everything up.

He entered the kitchen through the always opened door. Always opened cause there was no door there in the first place, just a big ol' hole. Courtesy of his daddy. Still wished he hadn't removed it though, too much fun drawin' on that old wood with crayon. Maybe that was why he had removed it in the first place, though. Damn, fuckin' epiphany right there.

Aiden steered right towards the kitchen sink as he entered, see if there was any dishes in there that got all down and dirty. Quick glance told him there weren't. Nice. Sharon had prolly taken care of that before she left, angel that she was. Also meant he had plenty o' fancy glasses to offer his house guest. Seemed like something she'd appreciate, had some kinda snobby dobby vibe to her. Or maybe he was just seeing things.

He whirled around, performing a 'Voilá!' kinda gesture. "There we are. You must be thirsty after that 40 year-march through the desert, I bet my big toe. Anything I can fetch ya?"
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