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Rorick Skyve
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Aiden grinned. Had some pride, that one, could see that first glance. Insisted on being called Georgia Lee. Sure, she was his tutor n' all, one he was supposed to look up to - not that hard, since she was a good amount taller than him, like. Didn't mean he couldn't have a little bitsie o' good old fashioned fun, see if she was the chill kinda chick. Prolly not, but couldn't hurt finding out, to be sure.

So he let her enter, closing the door behind her with force, no grand slam though. Wasn't gonna lie, nice backside on her, true as truth. Not relevant right now, though, but still a bonus. Big house, sorta hot teach, lanky ass dude - add a little spice and this was a straight up opening for a nice little porno. Had to tune down on that though, would end up kinda awkward if his second beak made its presence known. Yeah, prolly good they were gonna talk maths, keep his mind distracted. Greasin' his palm beforehand sure woulda helped. Jesus fuck, was startin' to creep himself out, so he was. Be alone for a girl for five secs and ya start droolin' - not like he was that fucking needy, nope.

She seemed kinda distracted herself though, glancin' all over the place. No big mystery why. Prolly didn't get to enjoy sights like that place of his much, fancy and fine as freckled Frenchies. Yup, sure was grateful his parents were on top of their game like that. Prolly wasn't get that far himself, like, ever, but hey, couldn't bring down his little bit of hope, nope. More certain than black guy dying first or taxes.

Where were they gonna do this, good question. Sofa woulda been ace, but maybe not her style. Asking couldn't hurt.

"Yeah so like, got a few options here: Behind Door A, there's our couch over there, plushiest thing you'll ever sit on, you with me?" He winked, then continued. "Could go up to my room of course, if ya don't mind the big mess." If she was going for that, he really had to hide his undies lyin' around before she went in, yup.

"Option 3 would be, uh...kitchen maybe? Hell, we can even go out on the patio if you're up for it. Your call, Lee Lee."
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