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Darius joined Mike's laughter.

"Maybe he already shat his pants and that's why he has to go. Heh."

Aw, come on. Brendan leaving? That sucked. Darius had an idea, a genius plan. But Brendan just left. What a jerk. Kinda annoyed he took yet another sip of his can.

And then the can was empty, so he placed it on the bench, so he could further reply to Mike.

"Not yet", he started, putting in a break to take his cigarette from his ear and light it with the lighter in his pocket.


Nah, Darius was not going to make a shitty, random The Doors reference.

"Just taking a break from the exhausting day."

He exhaled the smoke into the air and it disappeared like his plan to tell Brendan the tragic backstory of how people who did not greet changed his life into a worse one. People who do not greet have bringed shame upon the Van Dyke family. It was the downfall of a big dynasty. It was something that hurt Darius deep inside. Or something like that. He could have improvised some bullshit. But if he can't fuck with Brendan, he can fuck with Michael, probably. It wouldn't be as funny as trolling Brendan, because Mike is not as dumb as him, but if he's already in the mood to troll? Worth a try.

"Today, Ben gave me a wedgie."

Darius tried to not smirk. Do not laugh, do not smirk. Stare into the abyss. Look as if it was a serious matter. Mo-no-tone pro-nun-ci-a-tion.

"It hurt."
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