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"Haha-Hey! We got you to speak up didn't we?!" It was a victory for Michael and Darius, that much was sure. They did get him to say hi and bye, after all. Brendan could get as pissy as he wants about it, Michael's tactic worked. All it takes is a little leverage, and boom, job is done.

With Brendan gone, Michael could now focus at the task at hand. Wait, what was the task at hand in the first place? Jonathan still wouldn't be out for another half-hour more than likely. He had time to kill though, so he might as well see what Darius was up to. Well, y'know, outside of dicking with people.

" 'Ey Dee." Might as well start a conversation, relax a bit. He sat down beside Darius, sliding his hand into his pocket. "That was some funny shit man, fuck, you see the look on his face right?" Michael laughed as he pulled his comb out from his pocket. "Brendan looked like he was gonna shit his pants, heha!" Michael continued to maintain his Val Kilmer mane as he watched Brendan speed-walk away. "Poor bastard..." Michael chuckled as he slid his comb back into his pocket, shaking his head.

He turned to Darius. "So uhhh, anythin' goin' on right now?"
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