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Couldn't help it, hype was too intense to handle. He pulled open the door like he was tryin' to win a tug o' war, almost smashed himself right in the forehead with it. Almost, except, not really, not even close. Still, flung it open pretty damn forcefully, so he did.

And there she was, Yoda Lee Day, his new sensei, Oh Captain, My Captain. And like, he was not disappointed, not one bit, nope. Looked almost exactly like he'd have imagined, look and all about her practically screamed 'My IQ is bigger than yours!' Which it definitely was in this case, no doubt about it, like. But that was alright with him. Did need someone to help him out with stuff, after all, had to be someone smarter than him. Which wasn't that hard to begin with, true as truth. He was totally digging her hair though. Kinda reminded him of Sharon's look. One more reason why this one was prolly gonna be hella neat as his teach.

Aiden immediately struck a relaxed pose, leaned his frame against that of the door and gave his guest of honor a friendly grin, showing off his teeth he had just brushed to the death a few minutes prior. "Top o' the mornin'! You're Georgia, yeah? Like, would be a pretty funny coincidence if you weren't. Real riot, yup." He snickered, then slightly moved aside to allow her to have a better view of the room behind him. Waving his hand around, he signaled her to enter the Slattery realm of pure fine.

"Mi casa es su casa, m'lady. You prolly have figured yourself by now, I'm Aiden. Can call me Beaks though, everyone does. Pleasure to meet ya, so it is." He reached out his hand towards her, seal the deal with a handshake o' glory.
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