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Jeremy chuckled, slightly.

“Deep,” he replied. It was an attempt to be slightly jokey with what Asha just said (given that she didn’t seem to be taking it too seriously herself) although he hoped that he didn’t sound condescending given that he could totally see that response being a way to mock her and he couldn’t really hear the tone of his voice from where he was. He probably didn’t mostly because he felt super light about it from saying it but he still didn’t really want himself to come off as that he was talking down to her. That really wasn’t a way to make a new friend and given what had just happened before Asha appeared he kinda wanted to make a new friend to make up for what was apparently his new enemy.

“And yeah, despite what the movies told me would happen we have way more nice people sitting on the throne in our year.” School popularity being a concept that Jeremy honestly didn’t really care about as per most aspects of his life but still being something that Jeremy had to be aware of if he wanted to be a socially conscious human being. But seriously, he was expecting a Heather clique when he came here, not people like Josh or Emma. Even though the popular group did have some jerks in it (seriously did people actually like adelaide for something), there were enough considerably good/decent people to outwei- wait no upon further thinking about it there were probably more bad people than good. Or rather more annoying people than non-annoying. Better than anything the movies had told him but still noteworthy enough to bear correction.

“Actually it’s probably more half half,” he said. “Still better than I expected upon starting here, though.”
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