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Johnny held his cigarette between finger and thumb and took a final drag, before stubbing it on the car next to him, and then dropping it in the dirt. He slid from the car's hood, stood, and kicked dirt onto it.

"Ya sure, Ray? Ya don't wanna maybe play with your knobs for another hour or four?"

He affected a bored expression, but in reality Johnny was excited. He didn't want Raina getting a big head or nothing, but Johnny looked forward to these trips more than he'd care to admit, to anyone. Even with the naked eye, the stars out here were excellent.

They were about 90 minutes drive out of Kingman. It wasn't nearly as far out as 90 minutes drive would have been had Johnny been alone, but Raina had compunctions about speeding. Not many compunctions, to be fair - most of the journey they'd be doing about 95 - but Johnny himself had none, and even with the Altima being the beat up piece of shit waste of parking space that it was, it made a difference.

Johnny's mother would've called Raina a good influence, and shit, she might even have been right. By himself out here (or out where he'd've been, had he been by himself) Johnny would've been a spliff deep by now, and probably rolling his second. But no, Raina didn't like him driving high, so the weed stayed put, tucked into the side of his cigarette pack. He could've rolled while she'd been occupied with the telescope probably - Johnny thought to himself that he could probably have taken his pants off and helicoptered his cock about, and she wouldn't've noticed - but while Raina might've been a good influence, she certainly wasn't that good, that she'd've mistaken the smell of pot for anything other than what it was.

Tricia McKay would've called her a good influence, but Johnny'd probably've called her a pain in the ass. There wouldn't've been any actual venom in it, though. Loathe as he was to admit it, Johnny really enjoyed these trips. Even here, far closer to Kingman than he'd like to be, the light pollution was minimal, and just by lying back on your car you could see some serious shit. With Raina's fancy-ass telescope?

It was like seeing God.

He grabbed his shirt from the hood of the car and shrugged it over his bony frame. Out here in the desert, when the sun went down it got dark fast.


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