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Whenever it's possible, could you please draw Alba Reyes? // 2. If yes, would you be up for doing Jewel Evans from Mini?

Sorry, guys! The queue's closed for now. However, I'll be glad to do them if you catch the cap next time! (And don't you dare apologize!)

1. Are you willing to do characters from older versions/games on Mini? // 3. Is it cool with you if we put your lovely art on the various wikis/use it for signatures and avatars and such?

Yes to both of these! As long as the character's from SOTF, it's all good.
And frankly, seeing my art on the wiki and/or in signatures would be... super, super cool. (I'll edit these into the original post in a bit.)

Thank you all so much for the kind words and comments. I really appreciate it.
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