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The glasses went back on, and the armour went back up. The vulnerable, anxious girl who Georiga Lee had gotten a glimpse of disappeared, and with her went any hope of this conversation going anywhere worthwhile.

There was the sound of heels in the corridor outside, as the supervising teacher made her way back to the detention room. Where, frankly, she should have been this whole time. Teachers wandering off, Fiyori only having two detentions: this whole experience, Georgia Lee reflected, had been a scathing indictment of Cochise's disciplinary system.

As Fiyori started to get up, to return to her own desk, Georgia Lee touched her hand, her fingers just brushing over the other girl's knuckles. The skin was surprisingly, soft, far softer than Georgia Lee would have expected. It was hard to imagine Fiyori moisturising.

Fiyori whirled back to face Georgia Lee, eyes flashing.

"My name is not Georgia. It's Georgia Lee, Fiyori. Georgia. Lee.

[Georgia Lee Day continued elsewhere]


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