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"OJ? Nope, no clue, sorry. But like, we're gonna find out in a sec anyway, aren't we? But let's be real, no way they won't have it, right? You'll get yourself some sweet, sweet juice, I'd bet both my left nuts." He chuckled, then indicated to her to move along as he headed for the mini-bar. Sure could use a little drink, so he could, his throat felt like it was lined with fucking sandpaper.


Turned out they didn't have OJ. Bummer. Like, of all the things not to have in store. He did feel kind of bad for having laughed when they found out, but it had been just too damn funny. Had settled for a coke himself and Kizi followed his example.

Kinda sad Zee Zee didn't want to dance, though. Sure would have liked to swing his legs all over the place, throw down to some fancy ass beats. Wasn't much left to do there other than that, except chat it up. So they had went back to where they met earlier, practiced the high art of small talk. Had always enjoyed talking to her, no exception this time. No snarky comments, no commenting on him talking too much - all he could ask for.

"Like, y'know I was just kidding with that story about that kid robbing a grocery store, right? Pal of mine tried the same story on me recently, but nope! Ain't fallin' for that mumbo jumbo. Well, to be fair, he did try that one on me way before once and forgot about it, so I already knew the drill, but hey - still looked smart there for a moment."

Maybe she was fuckin' with hin too, pretending to buy his little tale. Could be, didn't matter either way. He looked around a bit, spotted mostly familiar faces, few strangers too and oh helloo: President Harrod and the 50 Foot Lady strolling around not too far from them. Chick was looking sort of happier now, prolly loosened up some while getting her groove on. Wouldn't call for them though, not unless the two were gonna head their way themselves.

He was happy with just Kizi's company for the moment. Enough to keep an Irishman smiling. Though he did always smile, really.
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