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Rorick Skyve
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'Let's get going, Aiden.'

Y'know how cats go apeshit over laserpointers like some fangirl in heat seeing her hunky hunk of a crush waltz around in underwear? He could really sort of very much totally relate all of a sudden, outta the baby blue. Brain went overdrive mode for a flash second, puzzle hype taking over, neural revolution, baby!

All of that basically only amounted to Aiden jumping up and out of the room faster than he could even realize what the everloving frick he was doing himself, though his proper senses returned to him soon as he was standing directly in front of Scarlett. Whoa, had to tame that bronco taking control of his brain console. Hadn't managed to sort of pull himself together and pour out his heart all over those two only to fuck it up like a kid taking a golden shot of sugar. For goddamn real.

He turned around almost immediately, looking back into the living room and at Ben. Poor dude was prolly takin' him for even more of a whackity nutjob than before now, like, couldn't even blame the dude, not one itty bitty bit. Though his own mind was apparently back in relax-mode now, back to ten percent reasonable. Had to at least acknowledge Ben some, couldn't just up and leave like some asshole. Not even his fucking pal Fergie would have pulled a move like that.

"Sorry for all that, dude. Prolly discombobulated you real good, didn't I?" He scratched his forehead for a short moment. "Whoa, no idea where I pulled that one out of. Didn't even know my vocabulary had that sorta potential, nope. Yeah, anyway, we'll be right back, so we will. Keep at it, tiger."

He ended his little speech with a wink, then swirled right around again, back at Scarlett. Girl was a good one, to be sure. Lotta heart, sure seemed like it. Patient too. Really was lucky he ended up with her on his team, so he did. Had to repay the favor somehow, some day. Unless he'd forget or some shit.

"Yeah, thanks a freakin' bunch again. I could kiss you, so I could!" He immediately raised his arms, going full on defense mode. "Didn't mean it like that, honest injun! Just gettin' all excited and stuff, been a while since I last had a good puzzle. I swear, gonna work hard as I can after that, hard as I ever worked. Won't regret having me with you, guys. Well, maybe a little bit."

With that, he gave Scarls a little pat on the shoulder and performed a kind of exaggerated gesture, meaning for her to lead the way. He meant what he had said, he'd give it his all. Just had to kick-start his mind a little, puzzle should do the trick. Wasn't going to disappoint those two, especially not the lass, was too much of a sweetheart for that. Was gonna be fine, sure. No way he'd let the day take a turn for the worse now. He had this, was on top of his game. Beaks fired up and ready for ignition. Sharon woulda been proud.

((Aiden Slattery continued in What Are Little Boys Made Of?))
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