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Was GLD smiling? Or was Fiyori just imagining it? Obviously, she would see worse without glasses, but she never figured she would not be able to discern these details even so close to Her face.

Fiyori was smiling, though. At first, at least. GLD could make a good, snappy line. Fiyori would have never imagined at first how good the girl was at provoking her. Well, of course that was a given, but Fiyori was genuinely surprised at how good her intentional efforts at provocation were. Not that she liked the fact much, but it deserved a smile. Fiyori thought it was funny, perhaps she also wanted to acknowledge the barbs on GLD's tongue.

At first, at least. Then GLD used Fiyori's actual name and something was off. It wasn't wrong, per se. But it could be that that had been the very first time GLD used Fiyori's name. At least, to address the girl directly. Yep. Odd. Definitely odd. It wasn't even as if there was some mocking tone behind it. Or some play at how foreign it sounded, how exotic it was. No, when she thought about it, it probably was just the fact that she used it for the first time. And she used it to open a direct attack on Fiyori herself. Delicious, no?

Fiyori listened. Listened as GLD talked. Fiyori tilted her head to the side, and rested it on the left palm of her hand. Her eyes were, if not really fixated, looking over to where GLD was sitting.

GLD was going far. Very far. Too far, for some she guessed. But for some very odd reason Fiyori enjoyed it. Maybe she enjoyed it because at some points GLD was wrong. All humans liked being right, and they all loved it when their rivals are so obviously wrong, for it was such a great way to commend themselves on their superior wits and intelligence. Actually, no. She listened, and she found enjoyment. Not because of some point at the side that was factually incorrect. But because GLD asked Fiyori a question.

She asked Fiyori a question and she – even if only it seemed as if – was ready to listen to whatever Fiyori said.

GLD finished. Fiyori raised an eyebrow, reached for the glasses of hers and motioned to put them on. Ah, how lovely. That momentary feeling when the unclear edges and blurs of her surroundings became clearly defined. Fiyori adjusted her glasses, and then went over to meet GLD's eyes again. She put a smirk on her lips.

"For the sake of the little honor I have left I must say this is just the second time I've ever been in detention."

She bared her teeth. Not a smirk, exactly, but at least it was a smile. Still, it was true. Fiyori Senay never had been in detention except for two times. One, of course, being the current detention time she was doing together with GLD. The other one happened way back, in her Freshman year at Cochise. A matter of 'forgetting' to do her homework. Nothing really drastic, but it was a lesson. A lesson on how to do her homework well enough to be get a 'close enough' call by the teachers, while actually doing as little work as possible. It wasn't difficult, of course. All of these tasks, assignments, papers and essays. Few were actually tricky. Just time-consuming and tedious. Honestly, she was actually pretty proud at how good she got at bullshitting. Or maybe, and she figured that was also just as likely, most teachers simply gave up on the case of Fiyori Senay and gave her a pass as long as she pretended to work.

"You think I am some dumb kid, and I am sure as fuck not a genius. But if my goal is to 'enjoy my time', I would be wise to not act in a way that will bring me 'times I do not enjoy', right?"

Fiyori pointed at her temples in some weird gesture to point out that this was, yes indeed, the place where her brain was located. Then, her smirk vanished. She lowered her fingers and carefully rested them on the edges of the table.

"That aside, that's a pretty good question actually. What is the bottom for me? I mean, all things considered – I've been very happy these past few years.

I'd even say that every today I experience is a better day than the tomorrow that comes next."

Fiyori's smile returned. She tilted her head to the right. She tilted it to the left. She wondered how much she could and should reveal of herself. How much of her own feelings she would lay bare before Georgia Lee Day. There was something so absurd about talking about them with someone so absorbed in their own little perfect world, but c'est la vie or something. Instead, she shook her head. Softly, but firmly.

"No, I know that the bottom of my life comes after high school. I have no illusions about my prospects, Georgia."

Goosebumps. Georgia. It was such a nice name now that she said it. Maybe because she said it. Fiyori looked Her deeply into the eyes, and pointed her finger on her. For emphasis, of course. And, with a sterner voice, she continued.

"But don't you dare think this is envy speaking. Being 'good' at something is a curse. Either you are a nail that stands out, and deserve to be hammered down. Or you are nothing but a useful tool people feel entitled to use and then put aside.

Honestly, that stress is something that I could never bother with."

[Fiyori Senay, continued in It's Raining, It's Pouring]
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