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"Fuck me, ya actually showed!"

Johnny raised his voice a little as he walked up, so as to be heard over whatever shit it was his friend was listening to. If anyone looked askance at the language, it went unnoticed by him. People'd think he was trash no matter how nice he spoke, so fuck it, right?

He gave Caleb a grin, baring yellowing teeth that seemed to be at every angle but vertical. Caleb pulled one earbud out of his ear and nodded in greeting.

"An' here I was thinkin' you'd grown all cold on me. When I saw ya yesterday, you wouldn't even answer to your name, when I called out to ya! Actin' real weird, too. Dressed all funny, an' sayin' the strangest shit! Ya know, I mentioned our plan to get higher than God this Friday night, and you were all "I'm Andrew you idiot"! What kinda way is that to talk to ya dearest friend, I ask ya?"

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