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i'm not upset
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((Caleb Diamond continued from Havana Escapade))

Caleb leaned near the door of the Pizza Hut, legs and hips extended straight in front of him with his heels being the meeting point with the sidewalk. His hands were jammed into his jean pockets and white ear buds snaked from from just under his gray beanie down to his right pocket. He pulled his phone out of his pocket.

It read "Gimmie Some More - Busta Rhymes" across the top and "4:37 p.m." underneath. He stuck it back into his pocket and bopped his head slightly to the beat.

What a fucking bum, he thought. Johnny Ray. Johnny Ray McKay. Johnny Ray sounded like the name of a Duggar or someone in one of those religious cults from the midwest or maybe a made-up country music star. He thought of Johnny in a ten-gallon hat and bolo tie singing about Jesus and flat taxes and his face pulled into a half smile.
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