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Brendan didn't know how to react when Michael had just scared him. He was more speechless than before. He felt lucky that Michael hadn't knocked his lights out. He heard about Michael getting into fights and they weren't pretty apparentally. Well, fights weren't pretty in general. Brendan's heart was still pounding like crazy as he had been freaked out too easily and he kind of felt embarrassed about it. He wished that he wasn't too easy to scare sometimes.

Darius was speaking to him again. Mocking him was more right to say. Brendan was actually getting a bit sick of it. He was fine with people joking with him in a teasing way. Especially if they were friends. But he and Darius were not friends at all. He shouldn't have tolerated it.

"Actually, I do have something to say to you...." Brendan spoke more clearly even with a croaky voice and he gave Darius a quick wave, having a forceful smile on his voice. "Goodbye, Van Dyke. Goodbye, Crowe."

With those bitter-sounding words spoken; Brendan turned his back to the both of them and he walked away at a faster pace. He really couldn't wait to get home when he felt like he was more safe.

((Brendan Harte continued elsewhere))
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