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Scarlett just stayed quiet as the other two were talking to each other. She felt like there was a bit of tension between Aiden and Ben. Sure, it was strange of Aiden to ask about puzzles. But it would be better to have him not looking like he was about to blow his top over reading the novel. Scarlett was struggling with it a little but she wouldn't lose her temper over it. She was glancing between the two of the guys. If it helped Aiden stay calm and collected, then she would be happy to not have a conflict between Ben and Aiden.

"Ben, it's fine. If he wants to use some puzzles then it should not be a problem. We will come right back after we get them. Okay?" Scarlett said quietly as she gave Ben a warm smile and then she started to walk out of the room slowly, glancing back at Aiden. "Let's get going, Aiden."
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