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Fiyori bit on her lip. The best She could be, then. That was the answer Georgia Lee Day went for. The answer for the question that inquiered about all that was and had been Her life, Her experiences, Her hopes and dreams and all of the disappointment.

It was a nice answer, Fiyori guessed. Simple. Brief. On point. Fucking delusional.

Fiyori closed her eyes. She bit down on her lips. Harder yet then let go. Took a few of her fingers and gently rubbed them. Took a small bite, a nibble even at one of her nails. Then she placed her hands down on the table. Just as gentle, and opened her eyes.

She waited. She inhaled. She exhaled. She looked GLD into the eyes, lingering for a few moments only for her to take her glasses off, placing them carefully at the side. She rubbed something out of her left eye. A piece of bread, no, but likely a speck of dust. Or maybe something in her imagination. She grasped for words, and she grasped for time to find those words. Fiyori looked back at GLD. Not longer directly in her eyes, as She was blurry and though even Fiyori would still be able to find GLD's eyes, she knew it would be very difficult, and a great strain on her. Instead, her eyes jumped all over the smaller girl.

"And? Are you succeeding?"

She couldn't help it. It was supposed to be a simple question. Neutral, soft-spoken, perhaps with a hint of playful curiousity. But it sounded mocking instead, and Fiyori realized immediately. She didn't bother to say sorry.


She trailed off, looking around the room. She raised her arms in some sort of half-shrug, attempting to point out the surroundings to GLD. As if the girl needed a remainder. But it was a rhetoric gesture – a gesture meant to convey a certain sentiment and it was necessary. It was a statement, a statement of 'look where we are'.

"...because here you are, in the detention room."

"Oh, I know what you are thinking – 'this is just your fault' – but," Fiyori caught herself. Her voice was getting agitated. She was getting agitated. It was so unusual, but now that she recognized it, she managed to calm herself down with just a few deep breathes.

"Is that not the point? You aimed for the stars, and now for no fault of your own you landed at the bottom."
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