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Huh. Had expected a different reaction from Scarls, like some gaze that said 'You nuts?' or 'Forgot to take your pill, boy?' - which like, wasn't even that wrong - but nope, not even close. Girl was actin' like he had asked her for a tissue or something, stuff as basic as cable. Had he like, missed a new trend, some sort of puzzle hype going on or something? Chick didn't even seem like she was 'puzzled' in the least. Yeah, he went there.

Still though, kinda odd. Kinda hilarious really, him being all weirded out by her not being all weirded out. Was enough to make him chuckle out loud, severe case of the giggles diagnosed. Like, best frickin' case scenario right there, Scarlett gave less fucks than a nun with herpes, wasn't even gonna make him feel all awkward. Was startin' to like her more and more by the minute. Past and all aside.

Aiden answered her proposition with a beaming smile and a hasty nod. Same reaction as though his sis had just asked him if he wanted himself some banana split. Hell fucking yes, now they were talking business. Woulda been even more perfect if the prosecution hadn't just raised an objection.

Yeah, already figured Ben McSourpuss over there would say something. Couldn't just chill and let them do their thing, like a good boy. Then again, couldn't really blame him, nope. Dude had probably just said the only rational thing that came out of anyone's pie-hole in the last few minutes. Deserved to get an answer to that question, so he did.

On the one hand, he had kinda wanted to avoid stuff like this, like, really wanted to avoid it, sure as shizzle. Having to explain himself, admit he was kinda slow with all that schooly stuff cause his brain was spewing crazy shit 24/7. But like, was kinda easier this way, wasn't it? Better than keeping his mouth all locked up like Fort frickin' Knox and letting them think he was two morons and a half. Yeah, opening up a bit couldn't hurt. Cut the tension a bit.

"First thing, gotta thank you Scarls, being willing to take your time 'n help me out with this, sweet as heck. Being a straight up lifesaver, so you are." He gave her a thumbs up, put the cherry on the cake that was his appreciation. Then he turned to Ben.

"So yeah, 'bout why I need those 'happy pieces' - sorry I call them that, old habit: Like, kinda hard sayin' this, puttin' it right'n all, but y'all have already noticed I'm not as fast with this kinda stuff, right? Shakin' spears and all, literature, that sort of stuff." He took a very short break, wiped his nose, was startin' to get all itchy, his ol' beak. "Got problems with keeping my eyes on the ball, you follow me? Stayin' focused, concentrate on something, I mean. I'll spare ya the details, not like this is a sleepover or something." Little grin, then he continued.

"To put it straight, puzzles help me with that, alright? Help me get on top of my game, get those gears in my head spinning. Sounds like I've cracked the crackpot, I know, but it's how it is. So, if you two could just be like 'No problemo here, all cool' , I'd really, really appreciate that." He ruffled his hair again, looking from one to the other, wearing a somewhat softer smile than usual. 'All rise, the verdict will now be announced.'

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