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So, she'd just been spotted. Great. Probably because she wasn't trying to "act casually" hard enough; a somewhat paradoxical effort. She froze as someone called out to her. It was Raina, the suspected fellow insomniac.

"Uh, no, I, just, uh- Why, do you, uh, do you need something?" Because if her insane stuttering like a crazy person didn't look casual, then she didn't know what did.

So there were a few ways this could go down. All with varying amounts of actually being possible and not just paranoia-fuelled madness. The first of which being that she would accidentally offend this goth crowd, and end up being mobbed by them. Yes, that was a very serious concern, and had nothing to do with being paranoid. Nothing at all.

The second of which being that these three would be good friends of Asha's, who would then recognise her as the girl who deeply insulted Asha, and then proceed to being mobbing her. Sure, the chance that these three actually knew Asha was low, and even if they did, the talk she'd overheard from others had only described her as being "mildly pissed" after their encounter in the library, but it never hurt to be careful. Yes, being careful. Not paranoid, "careful".

She could try running away. But considering the fact that running even a small distance caused her to collapse on the ground, this would probably just lead to her being mobbed, just unconscious for the duration of it.

There was a fourth option she could consider, though. Trying to actually talk to them, and not behaving like a paranoid schizophrenic who believed the entire world was out to get her.

Yeah, that could work.

Even if it didn't, she could always try running, anyway.
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