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((Maria Cuccinotta, Sadie Hawkins Start))

HOW HAD NOONE TOLD HER? Seriously! For some reason there was a party going on, an actual party, not the stuck up dance shit, and no-one had mentioned it to her, the fuck? She sighed as she walked into the clearing, a slight buzz already on from the Bud she'd had earlier. There were a fair few people here, Wayne and... Was that Raina? Seriously? Those two were a thing? Huh. There was a fairly big campfire spitting light over the entire clearing, hotdogs, drinks... Were those S'mores?Really? Eh, she couldn't complain, s'mores tasted fucking amazing when... She patted her jacket. The pills were there, thankfully. Couldn't have a big outdoor party without at least a some drugs, right?

Of course, seeing as how it was Junko that had supposedly set this all up, she doubted a little ecstasy was the only thing illegal here.

She looked around for Junko, spotting her looking at the trainwreck of a show that Darius was putting on. Shaking her head at the singing, she walked over to the girl, briefly stopping to swipe a can of beer before hustling to the host. She walked up behind Junko, half tempted to slap her for not telling her, the other half saying that it'd ruin the party before she even got started. Figuring that a tap on the shoulder was fine, she waited for her to turn before asking "How come you never told be? It would have been obvious that I'd have come here!"
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