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Cicada Days
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keep running yoshi
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"Yeah, sure. First one's prolly not a tough act to follow."

Ben had given that one a chuckle. Pained, eyes rolling, but he'd gladly admit it was at least decent effort.

But the moment passed and things moved on.

Well, some things moved on... Yeah, it was kinda sad to watch. Ben didn't glance too much, wasn't his job or anything. His job was right fucking front and center, busily trying to gouge a dry papercut into his thumb. But the times he did look Beaks was running himself in circles over the same damn page, huffing and puffing a damn marathon in place with the No Fear edition. He had that look a kid his age only wore when homework or dinner hadn't agreed with them. Pretty ugly to witness. Ben had fucking called it, but the sad part of it all was that he wasn't even proud. It was one of those things you just don't get any points for, the stealing candy from a baby of prophecy.

Scarlett at least was putting in work, seemed a bit more comfortable now that everyone had shut up. She didn't seem anymore confused over any of it than he was, at least if he was scoping her progress out right. Okay, he was getting off track with all the people watching now. Front and center, Fields. Front and-

... Puzzle?

Maybe a little, Scarlett said. Ben would have put it a few notches higher than that. Free country, free speech and all, but what the hell was a puzzle supposed to accomplish here? Metaphor for how broken up and jumbled their collective literary understanding was? Too many damn metaphors on the floor as was. But Aiden wanted his happy pieces, and Scarlett was nobly throwing it all aside to satisfy Aiden's requests. Ben glanced at the book Scarlett placed onto the couch, then back at the other two with dull appraisal, the bridge of his nose a bit rigid suddenly.

"Hold up, chill for a second Scarlett," he curtly commanded. "Mind telling us what you need a puzzle for, Beaks? Not judging any religious preferences or political leanings or whatever you're rocking, but this doesn't seem very conducive to decoding us some Shakespeare."
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