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It seemed to have killed poor Rainy's appetite. Her little joke. She thought it was a good one, though. Like, she could see some high-class (er...) sitcom or other comedy with a huge following of fans. It would be loved by fans, it's lines of dialogue quoted everywhere and it's character deeply submerged into the general field that was pop culture. Then that show would be cancelled after three seasons because too many middle-aged women liked it, and you cannot really sell toys to those, apparently.

Anyway, she thought her joke was great. GLD apparently did not. Maybe She took her serious? As if Fiyori Senay would resort to cannibalism. The only way she ate people was very erotically and everyone more or less intact after the experience. Hm, perhaps She thought of that innuendo, too? Would probably ruin Her appetite as well.

She chuckled, reached for a vacant chair nearby and placed it so that it faced GLD across the table.

"Eh, keep it for bad times."

Besides, that was just pretty rude of Her. To offer the bread back after already taking out a bite from it. It was just one of these little moments where She had to make some dumb point. Like she was saying 'I disapprove of your person, and that is why I disapprove of your bread even harder'.

Fiyori seated herself firmly into the chair, and leaned forward to support herself with her elbows on the table. Now, that was making a point. Fiyori decreasing the natural height advantage she had, so that GLD would be able to meet her eye to eye.

Though that probably made Her uncomfortable just as well.

"Then, if you are so gracious to answer me... why are you such a stuck-up bi-... why are you the way you are?"

She smiled at Her. Genuinely, but that wasn't very comforting.
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