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They had been silent when they were working through the acts and Scarlett preferred that. Although, there were some parts that she was confused about. But she knew that she would possibly figure it out later. Scarlett looked up a few times to peek at the other two. Ben seemed to be concentrating really hard on what he was doing. That was good. But Aiden.... She noticed that he seemed to be struggling. Scarlett felt a little sorry for him. Maybe they should have worked on it together in the first place. Scarlett stared back down at one of the pages and she suddenly heard Aiden talking to her.

Hm? A puzzle? An odd thing to ask her about. But maybe it would help Aiden relax. Scarlett glanced over at him and she closed her book. She made a mental note in her mind to remember what page she was on. She would have to show Aiden where some of the puzzle boxes have been stored away. She hadn't used one of them in about a year or so. So she was a bit glad that Aiden seemed interested in them.

"Well, it's not that weird of you to ask. Maybe a little. But yes, I do have some puzzles up in the attic. They might be kind of dusty but I hope you will be okay with that, Aiden." Scarlett said as she got up to her feet and she put her book down on the couch beside Ben. "I can show you them and you can pick out which one you would like to use."

Their Time Is gone

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