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Their was something about the way Fiyori said that which filled Georgia Lee with a sense of horror. Out of anyone else's mouth, said any other way, it would have been ridiculous, like something out of some comic book. From Fiyori though, it was so matter of fact. There was no emotion, no affect, no hint that she was trying to provoke some sort of reaction from Georgia Lee: she wasn't even look at her as she said it. It was a simple statement of fact, said with the exact tone you would tell someone the time, or that it had been raining outside earlier.

She'd been hungry.

Georgia Lee hope she hadn't shivered, upon hearing that. Certainly the tone had been cold enough to chill her. It was the motivation one ascribed to a wild animal, not to a young woman in high school, practically an adult. A ludicrous thing to say, an insane thing to say, yet Fiyori said it like it was nothing, and Georgia Lee believed her. There was something so predatory about the girl in that moment, standing over her, her praying mantis frame made enormous by the poncho hanging off of it like a damp sheet draped on a hat stand to dry.

She wasn't scared, per se. Georgia Lee had known monsters, had lived with them in her house. Monsters whose hatred and torment of her and been completely, brutally personal; compared to that, Fiyori's casual, detatched cruelty was almost a blessing. At least Georgia Lee wasn't at fault, really.

No, Georgia Lee wasn't scared so much as she was informed. She could see, now, the kind of person Fiyori was, with those three, dreadful words. She wasn't someone who could be reasoned with, someone with whom any real peace could be made. Georgia Lee was hesitant to call her a psychopath - it was a medical term, she knew, no doubt with some precise definition that would escape a lay person, and Georgia Lee was loathe to misuse words - but it seemed to fit so well.

Just some lazy, drugged out, useless, predatory, creepy, mantis psychopath. Georgia Lee was embarrassed at how naive, how hopelessly, childishly naive she had been, thinking for a second that the two of them could even have become friends. No.

She took a tissue from a packet that sat in the side pocket of her skirt, folded it, placed the bread on it and then pushed it away from herself, in a gesture of completion. There was a brief, awkward moment of silence. Georgia Lee broke it.

"I guess I'm grateful for your honesty?"

She hadn't meant it to come across as a question, and hated herself for it, a little bit. It made her sound weak, like she was asking Fiyori to validate her statement. She didn't need Fiyori's validation, or anyone's for that matter. Georgia Lee had learned long ago that anyone who'd ever be impressed by her wasn't anyone worth impressing. Her own standards were the only ones that mattered, and the last thing she wanted was some... creature like Fiyori thinking that Georgia Lee was actually invested in her opinion of her. She steadied her voice, pitching it a little lower, to sound more authoritative.

"I'm... less hungry. You can have the bread back."

It wasn't exactly the crushing put down she'd've liked, but it would do.


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