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Rorick Skyve
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"You don't know fucking jack about my family, you punk!"

Words came out of his mouths faster than he could blink, didn't even think about what he was saying. He didn't give a goddamn anymore.There was just no use, no use at all, no fucking use tryin' to hold back. Had to let it out, scream in the face of that son of a motherless duck-fucking cuntface!

Sting all of a goddamn sudden, his right hand felt like it was set on frosty fucking fire, like it had been pierced by needles. He had slammed his fist on the table, hadn't even noticed it at first. He was standing up again, leaning over the table. Reflex, impulse, of course. Next impulse going through his brain was to bury it in that fuckface's fucking face, erase that stinkin', shit-eating-grin, make him swallow and choke on his own taunts, teach him a lesson he wouldn't forget if he had fucking Alzheimer's, fucking fuck!

Not yet, not yet. Had to tell him how it was first, who the fuck he was messin' with. Throw that fucking humiliation straight back at him. Hold back for just one moment. Just one teeny tiny moment. Make it all the better. Make it even more worth it. Worth being fucking expelled even, to hell with it.

"You wanna fucking get to know my family? Go ahead, I fucking dare you! My little bro could wipe the floor with your snot-drooling ass, so he could! Fuck, even my sis could! You think you're some kind of big shot, can do whatever the fuck you want 'cause you think you're clever like a cunt? You ain't shit, end of story."

About to go balls to the wall, deliver the blow, right in the kisser...goddamn, goddamnit. Why'd he have to think of his sis now of all times? How her face would look like if she saw him right now. Fuck no, goddamn bull, that wasn't right. He couldn't, just couldn't. Couldn't let that slime ball get under his skin after all. But fuck, what was he gonna do? Backing down now was like...Jesus, he felt so goddamn tired. Still. Bradley had to get his ass handed to him, no way around it. Piss stain couldn't just get away with it like that. Fuck, fuck.

"Alright. Last chance, man, last chance of all the last fucking chances." He tried to tone down his voice. Came out like a growl. Fucking grizzly bear. Hell if it didn't feel appropriate. "You keep your mouth shut now and get that mug out of my face, run off and go polish your pole or something, none of my business. Just cut this shit out, cut it out good. Feel me?"
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