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"I dunno. In my experience, people tend to get popular just 'cause they're easy to get along with." Asha shrugged. "Maybe she's just a jerk." Normally she wouldn't be so willing to write people off, but seriously, screw Rea. Even if Jeremy had done something legit dickish (Asha didn't really know him well enough to judge the likelihood) that was no reason to snipe at people who had nothing to do with the situation. It was kinda weird how quick Jeremy was to heap blame on popularity, but Asha was just here for some friendly, light conversation before lunch ended, not to pick at how the dude viewed the world.

"Anyways, you don't need to apologize, dude." Though Asha did appreciate the thought. "What did you do wrong, exist? I mean, existing's obviously a mistake, but it's one we've all dedicated ourselves to making, so no use worrying about it. Life's too short and weird to take responsibility for anything except for what you, yourself, can control." Well, looked like it was the Asha philosophy hour regardless.
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