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Oh, thank you Rainy! It was a tiny detail, and Fiyori was just about to miss it, but She actually waited for Fiyori to finish chewing. She was definitely more used to eating something, being spoken to, and then being yelled at for not responding immediately. Oh, and if she did she was yelled at for speaking with a full mouth.

At least it was like that at home. Her fellow students asked her stuff just as she was chewing something too, but they generally tended to wait for an answer.

Fiyori looked down at the girl. There were some bread crumbs stuck just right besides her lips, and she licked them clean for a short moment. Fiyori looked into Her eyes, and then seemingly began to search Her surroundings for an answer. It wasn't a tricky question, to be honest. Fiyori just wasn't sure to answer.

"You are wrong, though."

Confrontational, eh? She was good at being confrontational, too. Though that would have been obvious by now.

"I don't know what you heard about me, but I can assure you that all the foul things people say about me are at worst the truth and at best an understatement.

You are not the only one I pick on, but I guess you are..."

Oh, now it got tricky.


There still was some little crumb left. She could feel it sitting on the left side of her upper lip. It was a piece of the crust, and it tickled her. Just a bit, but enough to be annoying. If only because Fiyori was for some reasoning focusing on that one annoying crumb. She licked it clean, again. This time successfully.

"As for the attack, well."

She looked into GLD's eyes, but she couldn't keep the contact for long and averted her gaze. Fiyori shrugged, trying to appear nonchalant about it.

"I was hungry."
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