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Fiyori ate, Georgia Lee realized, exactly how she would have expected her to. The girl held the bread in two hands and then tore at it with her teeth. Like a praying mantis would.

A fountain of crumbs showered down onto Georgia Lee's desk, and all over her work. A sweep of her forearm pushed most of them onto the floor, though some remained, hiding in the valley made between the open pages of her book. Georgia Lee resisted the urge to pick up the book and blow along the spine to clear them. Fiyori might, she thought, take that a slight. Georgia Lee was loathe to leave the mess in her reading material, and knowing it was there needled at her, like an itch. She tried to put it out of her mind.

Giving what she hoped appeared to be a grateful nod, Georgia Lee bit into the bread, cupping one hand underneath it as she tore at the tough crust with her teeth, to catch and mess. It was edible. It was good, even. She chewed, then gave Fiyori a little smile and said as much.

"It's good, mmm-" she put the back of her hand to her mouth, and swallowed.


And that was that, then? She beat Fiyori up, they shared some bread and then they were friends? It wasn't fair how Fiyori had picked on her, and it hadn't been fair how she'd been punished for Fiyori's violence, but this resolution, somehow, hardly seemed fair either. Georgia Lee wasn't sure exactly what she'd wanted, when she'd wanted the torment to end, but it hadn't been this. It felt so hollow. So unearned. No, she deserved better.

Georgia Lee put the bread down, and waited a moment for Fiyori to finish eating. Her family had a particular habit, that she'd always suspected might have been intentional, of asking her questions immediately after she'd put food in her mouth, and Georgia Lee detested it. After a pause, she cleared her throat.

"Fiyori this is... I appreciate this, but I need to know: why is it you're always picking on me? What, uhh, what made you attack me before, at the library? I do appreciate the peace offering, I really do, but I think I deserve to know."

A fair question, she thought, and she waited for a response, feeling her heart start to race.

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