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"Oh yeah. Going home is the best excuse for not greeting people. I see."

Darius attempted to look very confused by that statement by raising his eyebrows.

When Michael threatened with violence, however, Darius truly was confused this time, raising his eyebrows for real. Was Michael gonna do it? Was he? Punch him, kick him, give him punches?

Oh, no. He wasn't. He was just fucking with Brendan.

Well, no violence. Lucky Brendan.

"Well...what's there to add? Sucks to be a rude moron. Sucks to suck."

Darius waved his left hand in front of Brendan and spoke in a deep, slow, Patrick-voice.

"Hellooo, Daaariuuus."

Okay, this was silly. This was a really silly reason to mock Brendan. But that made everything just funnier. He switched his hands.

"Heeelloooo, Brenden."

He stopped the waving.

"That's it. That's what people do in Kingman. Easy, no?"
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