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Rorick Skyve
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"Hey, you better watch out, you f..."

Aiden was leaning forward now, had abandoned his pseudo-relaxed posture by violently jerking forward, leaning on the table with both his hands. Like some goddamn alpha gorilla, silverback or whatever. Had to defend his fucking territory, after all. Who was this smug-ass disrespectful prick to come and mock him like he was a mockingbird or some shit? Tried to be a good guy, so he had, gave this guy a fair deal of warnings. Cuntmuffin just had to continue being all clever.

Fuck. Could feel himself getting all trembly, shakin', quakin'. Still standing there trying to look all threatening, heart pumpin' like crazy. The fuck was he doing? Had to press the goddamn abort button, press it fast. Was just playin' into that dickhead's hands, getting all worked up like that. Then again, was fucking hard to calm down with that guy giving him that goofy ass grin. Could just wipe it off with one quick swipe. No option, no frickin' option. Had to chill out., back down, defuse this bomb before it blew up, true as fucking truth. People where prolly lookin' at him left and right by now, thinking he was some kind of psyched up psycho. Had to stay cool, maybe think of something nice.

He lowered himself back down on his seat somewhat, tried to swallow his rage. Swallow...Way that fucking guy was swallowing his meal, obnoxious as...

Had to stop looking at him, maybe just up and leave. No, wasn't gonna happen. He'd been there first. Had to make this Bradley-shits-for-brains leave, yup. No way he'd run away like a puss, he'd stay right there until the guy left, even if he had to stay the whole goddamn day. Just not give that prick another opportunity to rile him up. Fuck.

"Alright, alright, time fucking out." Had trouble keeping his voice down, tryin' to sound calm, ignore how much he wanted to punch the guy in the kisser. "Not gonna repeat myself this time, you hear me?" He raised one hand, out of reflex, defensive or aggressive, whichever. "Just cut this shit out, we clear? Go fuck with someone else or yourself if nobody else is available, yeah?"

Great, slip of the fucking tongue. Insulting the guy wouldn't help now. "Like...ignore that last part." He waved his hand around, as if saying 'nopenopenope.' Couldn't think straight, goddamn guy had him angry enough to kick a baby in the balls. "Just go away, leave me alone, yeah? Don't wanna do something I regret later."

Fucking pathetic. Sounded like a straight up wuss, so he did.
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