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“Oh?” she asked, her eyebrow peaked alongside her curiosity.

The band had done a few original pieces here and there, but it surprised Vanessa that Cams had summed up the energy to write an entire album for them, especially given everything else that was going on in her life at the time. With that in mind, Vanessa supposed that her BFF being pissed at her probably wasn’t helping her cope with things like her parents imminent divorce all that much.

Then again, getting betrayed like that didn’t help Vanessa much either, so there they were stuck at an impasse carved from Vanessa’s own stubbornness and refusal to just let her friend be happy at her own expense.

“So, what’s the concept?” she kept her eyes straight down the road as she spoke. It had been tricky enough to not shoot daggers at Cams the last time she'd turned her head, after all.

She really hoped it wasn’t something miserable. 'My life is a shitstorm and my wrists bleed the pain' wasn’t really a theme she wanted to provide the soundtrack for.
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