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So what was going to happen? What was She gonna do? Fiyori offered her bread. Special bread, made by none other but her masterful - or at least her not-catastrophically-fucking-everything-up hands. It was such a sweet gesture, wasn't it? Besides, no way GLD wasn't hungry.

Still, Fiyori expected one thing, and that thing was for GLD to make some point. Some dumb stand that mattered to no-one but the little miss perfect she was in her own head. To see Her reach out for the bread and actually take it took Fiyori by quite some surprise. She raised an eyebrow, almost suspiciously eying the girl in front of her. GLD broke the bread in half, and offered the other half back to Fiyori.

Fiyori's eyebrows relaxed, despite the fact that she found this somehow even more sketchy. Odd, no? She was all about sharing her food and when GLD actually indulged her she was taken back.

Some seconds passed. Fiyori didn't say anything. She weighted the piece in her hand. She looked at GLD, and She looked back at Fiyori. A few seconds passed indeed, and Fiyori couldn't help but feel as if She was waiting for something.

...some sort of arcane dinner or snack ritual? Something stuck-up bitches learned at home so that their fathers won't punish them with their disappointed eyes?

Oh, wait. She was overthinking this.

So instead she snorted once, and just laughed out loud.

"Alright, alright~ It isn't poisoned, man!"

She took a deep bite into the loaf, ripping out a good chunk of the bread. Some crumbs flew here and there. Some even on Her desk. GLD's probably going to rip Fiyori's throat out for that. Oh well. She bit her tongue, figuratively, to stop her laughter.

"Could be that it won't be your taste, but I don't think you could fault me for that one, right?"
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