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Wow. Darius really turned into a weeb when he was drunk, didn't he? To be fair, it was kind of funny, seeing him mangle Vocaloid songs while drunk. In a way. Junko still had to cringe internally at the poor... everything. The way he utterly destroyed the Japanese language. The way he pushed away Michael's attempt at calming him down, like it was some terrible dish he'd served. The way that he kept doing the exact same thing that got a beer can thrown at him. Was it possible to feel secondhand embarrassment for someone? Probably. Junko looked around her to see if someone had ended up recording this on their phones or something. How would she feel about that? Well, mixed feelings, to be honest. On one hand, they'd go viral. On the other, she didn't want Officer Brand to come knocking at her door because of a wild teen party on Yout-

... She just realized Darius had tried to troll her earlier. How... could she miss that?

But Raina and Wayne were going to step away for a bit. Darius, too, though it looked like he was doing something different. At first Junko thought he was going to bug them more, but then Michael spoke up. Oh, pissing, right. That unholy mixture of booze and caffeine needed to come out someday.

"Eh. I'm glad that the whole... 'Mr. Groves would be mad at you philistines' thing didn't move on to No More Heroes songs, if anything", Junko said. "Though, 'I'm a Little Teapot'? At this rate..."

Junko smiled, but she looked towards the direction the singing continued. If it turned out they were giving him ideas, well, this night would just keep on getting better. She guessed it was pretty good entertainment for the evening, at least for Michael.

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