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Comment with a link to your character below! As long as they're from SOTF (including older versions, mini, etc.) they're fair game! If you've already requested me, please refrain from doing so again until your round is green.

-As long as you don't edit my signature out of them, you're free to use any art I give you in signatures, avatars, or other sites (including the wiki). Go nuts.
-NOTE: I will be experimenting with styles/shading/coloring techniques while doing this, so not everybody's going to get the same quality of drawings. Please be big kids about it.
-Like the artist's comments? Hate 'em? Tell me all about it!
-If you have any advice for me, I'd love to hear that too! Don't be shy...

1. Lili Williams (CrossbowPig)
2. Sandy Bricks (Slam)
3. Astrid Tate (Pippin)
4. Will McKinley (Dannyrulx)
5. Johnny McKay (frouge)

Round 1:
-Blair Moore (Espi)
-Junko Kurosawa (KamiKaze)
-Asha Sur (dmboogie)
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