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Brendan apologized and Darius didn't accept. Well... Ain't that a damn shame. Michael almost felt bad for this. Almost. "Well shit..." Michael's smile grew. This was the fun part, the waiting. The tension was the always the best part, and like a fine wine, you had to savor that shit. Much like the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, Michael switched his stare between Brendan and Darius, sporting a pretty good Eastwood squint whilst doing so. And like many westerns, the first shot was quick and merciless.

"Guess we're gonna have to kick your ass then."


Michael's grin came back. "Just kidding."

Michael placed his hand on Brendan's shoulder, laughing. He'd take a moment to lower the tension, to let Brendan get his guard down. Just a few moments before cranking it back up into eleven. That's when he became stone-faced. "But in all fucking seriousness though, when people greet you, fucking wave back. Shit's rude as shit."

Michael turned towards Darius and began walking his direction, his lips curled underneath each other in an attempt to not break out laughing. He wasn't going to hit Brendan over little shit like not waving. What's the point in that? It's not fun, there's no challenge to it. Besides scaring him worked out great, you got your jollies, he learned a life lesson. Benefit for everyone! It's kid's shit man, a little fucking around couldn't kill anyone. Besides, some people around here need to man up anyways. If harmless fuckery scared someone into becoming a recluse, then how the fuck would they function at anything else?

Everyone needed a bit of challenge to get the blood boiling, you know? Get that adrenaline up. Get hyped. Get alive man! Otherwise life's just boring man. If they couldn't handle some 5'8 jagoff with a bad haircut and terrible fashion sense, how in the hell were they gonna handle a job. Michael'd guarantee their boss would be even shorter with an even worse haircut. Michael awaited Darius' response to his showmanship. Hopefully he didn't disappoint.
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