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Thankfully, Georgia Lee was quick to pick up from Alice's struggling attempt at conversing. She already knew Georgia Lee's name, or at least the first half of it. But it was helpful to Alice to get that kind of thing done in a way which enabled further conversation.

"No, it's okay. I'm Alice Baker. We're both Juniors, right?" Alice smiled. Georgia Lee seemed more comfortable, which in turn made Alice feel less uncomfortable. She was starting to relax, getting more energized about talking, even excited to chat, if only a little.

Alice's heart sank into her stomach when she saw Bradley Floyd, and withered further when she realized that he'd spotted them and begun approaching. . Alice didn't like to throw out insults, but there was little to be said for Bradley; he took delight in offending others, which was deplorable in and of himself. He was like some sort of toxin-spewing sea slug, immune to his own bile.

Colorful similes aside, Bradley was not a person Alice hoped to encounter ever, let alone in public.

As he spoke, Alice heard his comment and knew not to take his bait. She'd seen plenty of people get a compliment from him only for him to turn it around. So she looked around for a menu to grab and, finding none, began digging in her small purse as though she were looking for her cell phone.

Perhaps if the two ignored him entirely, he'd probably go away, like an itchy welt from a mosquito bite.
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