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Aw shit.

Trav watched as Jerry fell to the floor in a heap.

So he may have just knocked the guy out...not a great thing to do in sparring.

Some people had looked over at the sound of the kick connecting and there had been some cries of 'Ooohhh' that always happened when a big shot was landed.

Trav sheepishly scratched the back of his head as he looked around. As cool as that whole combination was, and he was so going to use it in a fight, it landing that cleanly was an accident. On the other hand though, Jerry probably deserved it a little. Just as a wake up call.

Crouching down next to Jerry, Trav rested his hands over his thighs and waited to see if Jerry was alive. He seemed to be conscious so that was a good sign.

"You OK dude?"
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