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Cicada Days
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keep running yoshi
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Florentina 'Tina' Luz
Pregame Start

Nobody was home. Sis out with friends, mom and dad out with work.

Tina dried, naked. White fluff towel was discarded to the floor, it sprawled into a crispy mess. Jeans, slightly loose and crusted at the joints with runny, melting blotches of tempera. A thin sweater eroded into an uneven gradient of three pale shades of lavender, bunched up around bulky shoulders. A little baggie. Fingers expertly flexed. Tight as everything could get it was in, until the ziploc was strained at the seams, burgeoning.

Carelessly loud footfalls thudded against the cold stone veneer of hardwood. The door creaked and sighed, and Tina slipped through.

Not a far journey. She didn't know the units, she did know the amount of steps. Fifty end to end, strides a tight shuffle where toe met heel. The compound was empty and desolate. Tiny house lights pricked the canvas of night. They washed away, blurred into ink and pinprick stars. The next house over was Lily's. The sole concrete road that connected the Luz homestead to the beyond melted into an indistinct shape past the glare of the incandescents. An amorphous shadow, stretching like taffy. All the way until the lights of the city were flickering candle flames over the distant horizon.

She looked back at Lily's home. Trudged to the front door, stoic panel of age eroded wood, then past it.

She ran her fingers over the skeleton of the house, walking alongside. Chewy flakes of paint rubbed off beneath her fingerprint. The window wasn't far, it was flat and unassuming.

The knock sounded like a cannonade, sound split the still air. One knock was all she needed. And a hoarse murmur, grit and gravel.

"It's Tina."

Her eyes swiveled, brown of the iris crushed against the edges. She looked for Lily's face through her bedroom window with a careful eye, that only wandered to idly note detail. The windowsill didn't completely meet the edge of glass. A thin crack let wisps of air and insect shell through.

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