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((Rea Adams, continued from The Library is the Powerhouse of the Student))

Ah, the sunrise. a symbol of beginnings, a symbol of light, a symbol of life itself, and other artistic wank any of her parent's friends could go on about for months without shutting up. Rea could appreciate the beauty of art, but believed that anyone looking for deeper meaning in something was just being pretentious. Sure, coming from her that might be a bit hypocritical, but nevertheless-


What the hell was that? Why was someone shouting about a horrifically misguided dessert at the top of their lungs? From the sound of it, the noise was coming from elsewhere in the Sumac Park. As Rea strode over to investigate, she saw three girls chatting, but it was Raina, the only one she recognised, that caught her attention. She was someone Rea was fairly certain suffered from insomnia, as she had often seen her around late at night. The other two she was fairly certain she'd seen around the school, though it was hard to be sure.

Rea was still mulling over the events that transpired in the library. Specifically the fact that, from what she'd heard around the school, she had inadvertently made a mortal enemy in the form of Asha Sur. Suddenly realising these three were wearing vaguely similar outfits to Asha's, she panicked. Did they know each other? Surely there must be more than one goth crowd at the school, she was just being paranoid. Still, that's not what her legs believed, practically carrying her away from the trio, walking hastily but attempting to appear casual.

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