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Raina's eyes had flickered away to stare at something in the distance, giving Amanda a sure sign that she didn't quite care for her personal opinion of early mornings. It was a fair enough opinion, Amanda had little more to say on the topic in any case.

Besides, the reason for Raina being distracted was clear as Maria arrived on the scene, a bottle of Red Bull in hand, the sickly sweet scent unmistakable from this distance. Amanda failed to completely conceal a frown when she noticed the can that Maria was holding. Sure enough, Red Bull was complete schlock and she'd probably have a horrible crash if she were to drink it, but a disappointment of a drink still felt like it was going to be better than nothing. Okay, wait she was pining for Red Bull. She was going to need a drink soon, or she was going to go crazy. But borrowing money would probably be awkward, especially given Raina around. She seemed judgey enough that borrowing money in front of her wouldn't be the best thing to do.

"Heya!" Amanda said, waving at Maria. "Up early too? We were just talking about life and stuff, you know the usual kinda chit chat. I was just about to head to the fountains in a sec, how 'bout you?" she asked.
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