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“I dunno!” Jeremy replied, shrugging in an exaggerated manner. Wait, would that come off as weird? Sometimes when he was feeling excited or otherwise felt strong emotions he tended to exaggerate and make his actions bigger which although would probably be normal for those he was around a lot would probably be weird to someone he wasn’t really around a lot. See: Asha. To be fair it was kinda hard not to do it considering that he was currently feeling strong emotions right now. Happiness that Rea had finally left and annoyance that she still thought that he was a creep; because seriously, how dumb and/or deluded would you have to be to equate “i’m looking at everyone into the room as I enter to gauge who they are” to “I’m checking this girl out because I cannot control my hormones and she is turning me on right now. Mmmmmmmmm. Delicious.” Seriously. He was actually surprised that the previous conversation happened.

“She just kinda went off at me for no reason. I think it’s a popularity thing though. Haven’t ever been in the in crowd myself but I could imagine it getting to someone’s head and making them deluded enough to think that.” Words. Normally he didn’t speak that much outside of text mostly because his mouth couldn’t really handle it but somehow that managed to come out. Probably a side effect from what just happened, like a brief adrenaline burst or something.

He then let Asha speak, and huh, she actually didn’t really like being called Ashley that much, judging from what she said. Normally when someone messed up and called him Jeffrey (or Greg? He remembered one of his neighbours calling him Greg when he was like, five) he’d mostly shrug it off. He supposed that names had a lot more power on other people, kinda like how if he remembered correctly BB didn’t really like being called being Barbara. Maybe Asha just really liked being called by her actual name or something? Admittedly it was kinda hard to understand but if Asha hated being called Ashley then he wasn’t going to step in her way. Maybe if this somehow resulted in them becoming strong contacts and friends he’d call her it if he wanted to push her buttons. That was a potential future, though. This was now. Better not to think about what would likely not happen.

“Yeah,” he replied. “Sorry about that. I wasn’t the one who said those things but I guess my presence caused her to do that so I suppose I’m the next best thing.”
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