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Asha's jovial mood was torpedoed by the parting shots Rea fired off before leaving the library. "Fuck, man, what's her problem?" Asha muttered to Jeremy as she sank down into the chair next to him, fuming. Normally she'd be more willing to give the girl the benefit of the doubt, in case she had just been having a really bad day or something, but come on, not giving enough of a shit to even pretend to care about Asha's real name was one of the most disrespectful things you could do to any person.

Her name meant something, goddammit! Sure, "hope" might not be the most original meaning in the world, but "Asha" was what her parents named her, was the only gift her father had lived to bestow upon her, and this bitch thought that it was funny to call her "Ashley"? And that wasn't even getting into the 6th-grade level mentality that led Rea to think that calling Jeremy Asha's boyfriend was a good insult! 'Oh no, someone cares enough about you to date you, help me I'm so bitter and alone!'

Ugh. This wasn't going anywhere productive. Asha sighed and turned to Jeremy. "Yeah, I came in here to do some work on my Calc homework, but now I'm too pissed to concentrate on it."
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