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"I was just watching Fiyori completely lose it and storm off before you walked in," Answering the goth's question and gesturing to the fallen chair while doing so. The goth had just strolled into the library and begun leaning on the boy's table before speaking.

According to the boy, he was just "looking at everyone else in the room", all of whom just happened to be girls. Ugh. She didn't have the energy to put up with horny teenagers right now; what she needed was sleep.

"Ask your boyfriend about it Ashley, or whatever your name is," She said, standing up from her chair. This place was too chaotic to rest in, from the pointing to the fight to Goliath strolling into the place and blatantly staring at her, it was fair to say (at least to her) the place wasn't exactly suitable for her at the moment. Looking around, she located the exit and left the building, stretching as she passed the doors.

((Rea Adams, Continued in Morning Dew))
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