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Dang. Getting showered in praise over a simple suggestion like that? Sure, he'd take it, especially with Scarley giving him that sweet smile. No reason to be all humbly bumbly. Though he had hoped that the other two would go for his latter suggestion, going through the whole thing together. Would have been tons easier for him to follow. Still, good thing Ben was being a bro for once, take one for the team and leave Aiden with only one act to go through instead of two. Either that, or it was some sorta backhanded insult. Like saying "Yeah, I know you're too dense to take on two, so try to at least handle a single one." Well, result was the same either way, so no complainies from him.

"Yeah, sure. First one's prolly not a tough act to follow." He waved his digits around as if operating invisible drums. Badumm tsss indeed. "Hey c'mon, gotta give me that one, was just too tempting." He grinned, only for a split second, before immediately picking up and opening his issue of Macbeth, while mumbling a barely audible "Sorry." Guilty on the charge of bad puns. Was about time he pulled himself together, for real this time. 'least he was starting to get self-conscious.

Minutes passed in total silence, everyone busy starin' at dusty old pages filled with even dustier old words. And with every minute that passed, Aiden's frustration grew. Total fucking train wreck. Other two were prolly making progress like crazy, flyin' through that gibberish like it was nothing. But he? He couldn't even get past the first frickin' sentences, read them over and over, like they were suddenly gonna make sense or something. Only they didn't. He tried the next ones and the ones after those, looking for something, anything that looked worth noting down, something that made him sound all smart when he'd quote it later on. Some more minutes later, same result. Nada, big fucking plug corking up his brain. What'd he take that goddamn ritalin for anyway? Wasn't doing jack and shit for him.

Couldn't focus, not one itty shitty bit. Felt like he was getting a frickin' headache to top it all off. Part of him wanted to just chuck that stupid book away and hightail the fuck outta there, go for a jog or some shit. Anything better than having to deal with MacDense and MacDunce and whatever anymore. Only that was no option. He was getting cranky, not good. Reminded him of all those times in the past, him sitting down and despairing over some home work until big sis or mommy or anyone came along and made him feel all cheery again. Work was suddenly a lot easier after that. None of them were around though, shit outta luck. Had to find some other way to pull this off.

Couldn't be that tough, not any more than putting together a frickin'...


Grand magic cure, tested and proven to work by The Beaks. Had always worked back in those therapy sessions, made him all calm and focused and stuff. Shit sounded dumb as a bag of hammers, sure, but why not? Only had to ask the lady of the house for one.

Aiden lifted his head, still seeing letters float around everywhere. Prolly wasn't healthy starin' at that stuff for frickin' ever. "Hey Scarlett? Know it sounds weird as heck, but do you have a puzzle lying around here somewhere? Y'know, put-some-happy-looking-pieces-together, that kinda stuff."
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