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Georgia Lee took the bread, wary. Peace with Fiyori? It sounded too good to be true, and in her experience things that sounded too good to be true, tended not to be. Georgia Lee considered.

It seemed ridiculous that Fiyori would be carrying some sort of poison bread around, and Georgia Lee was reasonably sure she'd've noticed if Fiyori had tried to sabotage it - spitting on it, for example, or covering it with some kind of inedible hot sauce. It certainly didn't smell disgusting either - in fact, it didn't smell half bad, and this was the time that Georgia Lee would be eating. Were she not trapped in here like a criminal of course, and at the thought of who's fault that was, her mood darkened.

No, it seemed safe enough, but there was certainly no point in taking chances.

Georgia Lee took the bread, with a grateful nod to Fiyori, and broke it in half. The inside of the bread, once she'd torn it, looked moist and delicious. She took one half for herself, then handed the other back to the other girl, who was looming over her expectantly.

"Thanks. You uhh... you didn't have to do this. I appreciate it."

That was true. Fiyori hadn't had to do that, and Georgia Lee was, quite genuinely, appreciative. The gesture touched her, and the idea of being able to walk the halls of Cochise without having to worry about Fiyori's taunts, or worse, the girl attacking her again, filled Georgia Lee with excitement. It was all very positive, but that didn't mean Georgia Lee was going to be careless.

She wasn't taking a single bite until she saw Fiyori try it first.


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